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help protect the bunker farm, photo of barn


Update: May 1, 2014: The Bunker Farm is now conserved!  Thanks to all of the donors who made this project a reality.

Update: March 25, 2014: Thanks to all our members and supporters in the Dummerston community, we are thrilled to announce that we met our fundraising goal for the permanent protection of The Bunker Farm! Stay tuned for news of it's final conservation. Thank you!

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The Bunker Farm has been a fixture in the community for 160 years. Many of us have a connection to the farm—from memories of it as a dairy farm to enjoying it as a scenic landmark. The land is a reminder of the town’s agricultural heritage.

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In July 2013, the Vermont Land Trust used a bridge loan to buy the 169-acre farm from Larry and Marilyn Cassidy to ensure the land would be farmed and to protect it from development.

Through our Farmland Access Program, a family was selected to be the new owners of the farm.

They are Noah Hoskins-Forsythe, Helen O'Donnell, Mike Euphrat, and Jen O'Donnell. Combined, they have 20 years of farming experience and strong ties to the community.


four farmersA New Agricultural Enterprise in Dummerston

The Bunker Farm will be a mid-sized farm focused on five areas:

1. pasture-raised meat and poultry
2. vegetables
3. annual and perennial plants
4. maple sap and firewood
5. educational and community programming

The farm will collaborate with other farmstands (such as the Walker Farm on Route 5 in Dummerston) to fill gaps in their product lines and increase overall sales of locally grown products.

Restaurants in Brattleboro and Putney and the Putney Co-op plan to purchase products from the farm. The flower business will rely heavily on existing customers and gardeners who want custom-grown plants.

In addition, the sugarbush will be operating again and the farmers will launch a small-scale firewood operation. Schools and community members will have the opportunity for farm visits and educational programming in an effort to build strong connections between the farm and the community.


Conservation of The Bunker Farm will:

  • Help farmers establish a diversified, agricultural enterprise that makes good use of the land and produces food for the community.
  • Permanently protect productive farmland and woodland.
  • Ensure the land will always remain affordable to farmers.
  • Protect a treasured scenic and historic landscape by adding to existing conserved lands located nearby.
  • Create an educational resource and strengthen the community’s sense of place.


Voices from the Community

"The four of us would like to give thanks to Larry and Marilyn Cassidy and the Vermont Land Trust for providing this farm purchase opportunity. We are thrilled to have the chance to bring this
historic property back into the local agricultural community and food economy. We look forward to working with community organizations, businesses, and farms to strengthen and promote agriculture in the great state of Vermont."

                                         —Noah Hoskins-Forsythe
                                            The Bunker Farm


“We look forward to The Bunker Farm becoming once again a beautiful, productive farm in our community and are pleased that this agricultural resource will be conserved for future generations of farmers.”

                                         —Ezekiel Goodband
                                             Chair, Dummerston Selectboard


map of the property


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