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Eyes on the Land

Connecting with Vermont's landscapes, farms, and forests through art.


We Did It!

Vermont Land Trust and Kingdom Trails met the fundraising goal necessary to protect a section of popular mountain biking trails in Lyndon. This would not have been possible without generous donations from over 750 people and a grant from VHCB. 


Conserving Land, Protecting Water Quality

Water quality has been a hot topic in the news these days. Development, industry, farms, roads and streambank erosion add phosphorus and other pollutants to our state’s streams and rivers, and ultimately cause water quality issues such as algae blooms in Lake Champlain. Vermont’s water quality has the attention of the state and federal government along with many in the nonprofit sector.

The Vermont Land Trust, while best known for conserving land, is intimately involved with the state’s waters, too. Over the past 15 years, VLT has been developing new ways to address water quality in our conservation easements. Read more.


What's New with VLT


Chandler Farm for Sale in Wheelock
Dedicated farmers are encouraged to apply to purchase the Chandler Farm through VLT's Farmland Access Program.  Read more.


We Did It! VLT and Kingdom Trails Met the Fundraising Goal to Save Lyndon Trails
Thanks to 750 people and a grant from VHCB, the land that is home to the Sidewinder Trail will be protected always!  Read more.

Green Acres farm

Green Acres Farm for Sale in Randolph
VLT is seeking experienced farmers to apply to purchase Green Acres Farm. Read more.


perry barn

Perry Farm for Sale in Brownington
The Perry Farm in Brownington is for sale through VLT's Farmland Access Program. Read more.


Rupert Acquires Open Space
The Town of Rupert recently acquired 13.5 acres in the village with VLT's assistance. Read more.


Bean Family Purchases Farmland
Patricia Bidinger conserved 75 acres of fertile farmland with VLT, allowing the Bean family to buy the land for their dairy business. Read more.


Eyes on the Land Announced
Artists explore Vermont's farms and forests conserved by the Vermont Land Trust in partnership with the Shelburne Museum. Read more.

three people

Students Honored by VLT
Five Vermont seniors were honored by VLT for their commitment to land stewardship. Read more.


Granville Farm for Sale
We are looking for new farm owners who will operate a commercial farm business. Read more.


Sweet Rowen Farmstead Buys Land
Farmer Paul Lisai was able to buy and conserve  land for his milk and cheese business.  Read more.

market sign

Brattleboro Farmer's Market to Improve Site
The fundraising goal for the Brattleboro Area Farmers' Market has been met!  Read more.


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