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Gateway to Bristol

farr fieldUPDATE: July 2, 2014

The Fuller farm is now conserved and the Bristol Gateway project is complete!

Thanks to over 200 local donors and businesses the project was a great success!

Changes are already happening; the Roleaus are renovating the farmhouse on the former Farr property and they have mowed some of the fields.


UPDATE: May 2, 2014

The first phase of the Bristol Gateway Project has been completed! Trent and Abby Roleau purchased and conserved 321 acres of the Farr farm and plan to build a new house and start a diversified farm. As part of the Farr Farm project, The Nature Conservancy purchased 25 acres of Deer Leap Cliff, which is an important nesting areas for peregrine falcons. Read the full press release. Stay tuned about the second phase of the project: the conservation of the Fuller Farm by signing up for our enewsletter or liking us on facebook.


UPDATE: December 11, 2013

We are so happy to announce that we met the fundraising goal for the Gateway to Bristol project! A big thank you to the 190 people came forward to help. Now that we met the fundraising goal, we will be working toward a final closing on the conservation project.



Join us in protecting two farms and important wildlife habitat

The green fields and sweeping hills that welcome people to the village of Bristol are prime agricultural land that could someday be developed. The Vermont Land Trust has teamed up with local supporters to protect this scenic corridor north of Bristol on Route 116.

If this project is successful, 687 acres of land currently owned by the Farr and Fuller families will be protected. Both properties will remain affordable for future farmers.

As part of this project, The Nature Conservancy will protect Deer Leap Cliffs, forever providing breeding peregrine falcons a place to nest.

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Thanks to so much generosity, we are very close to our fundraising goal. The Vermont Housing and Conservation Board and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service together have allocated $555,000. Also, the Bristol Selectboard approved the Conservation Commission’s recommendation of $10,000 to come from the Bristol Conservation Fund. Many people fromt he community have made generous donations.

A New Farm for Bristol

If this project is successful, the Farrs will sell their land to Trent and Abby Roleau, an experienced farming couple with a passion for agriculture and a clear vision for the land’s future. The couple plan to raise cows, pigs, and chickens for meat that will be sold at an on-site farmstand. They also plan to make maple syrup, renovate the farmhouse, and build a barn. Robert Fuller plans to keep his land in the family.

Protect Wildlife Habitat & Baldwin Creek

The steep forested hills on both sides of Route 116 create valuable habitat that is home to bear, fox, and other species. The Nature Conservancy owns a portion of the cliffs and if this project is successful they will purchase another 25 acres of habitat. Since the reintroduction of peregrines 25 years ago, nesting pairs have fledged 52 chicks on these cliffs.

The two farms have more than a mile of frontage on Baldwin Creek. Plans are underway to create a vegetated buffer on the Farr Farm that will keep waters shaded and cool for fish and prevent erosion during flood events.

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