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ForestRequest for Proposals for Contractor

Vermont Housing and Conservation Coalition Coordinator


Responsibilities to include:

(1) Prepare for and manage the VHCC Legislative Day (approximately 40 hours)
(2) Take the lead in communications logistics with VHCC Members (approximately 20 hours)
(3) Manage an accurate list for VHCC members (approximately 10 hours)

Please see below for a detailed scope of work. Responsibilities will run from September 2016 - May 2017


1. Legislative Day.
Goal: to direct a highly successful legislative day at the State House with over 150 coalition and community members attending, preparing written VHCC information materials, scheduling testimony with legislative committee chairs, coordinating testimony in all relevant committees, and related activities as further described below.
a) Work with co-chairs, members and lobbyists to design legislative day plan.
b) Communicate key messages as determined by VHCC co-chairs, by creating, revising and distributing marketing materials approved by VHCC, drafting and sending email announcements to VHCC members, assists the co-chairs in planning committee testimony and coordinating housing and conservation organization representatives in delivering key messages.
c) Work with lobbyists, committee chairs and committee staff to schedule testimony in key committees on Legislative Day. Prepare and distribute written materials to these committees.
d) Send legislative day notice and reminder to all Coalition members after reviewing package with Co-chairs prior to sending to members
e) Follow up with members to ensure their participation for legislative day. Work with members on turning out staff, board members, beneficiaries and key local supporters.
f) Revise literature based on direction from the co-chairs.
g) Meet or speak weekly with lobbyists regarding legislative day strategy and logistics.
h) Organize the Coalition’s efforts for Legislative Day:

  1. Visual displays
  2. Schedule
  3. Assist lobbyists in organizing committee testimony
  4. Assist lobbyists in scheduling meetings with administration and legislative leadership
  5. Set up displays in committee rooms and the card room
  6. Prepare materials for, and assembling, member information packets, including VHCC stickers
  7. Organize coalition’s legislative breakfast and ice cream social

2. Communication with VHCC Members.
Goal: to foster greater cohesion, energy, engagement, and effectiveness of the coalition by working with the co-chairs, lobbyists, and members to strengthen VHCC’s communications.
a) Work with lobbyist and co-chairs to prepare legislative alerts as needed
b) Emails should go through co-chairs prior to sending emails to entire group
c) Meet with co-chairs/Steering Committee on an as needed basis

3. VHCC Membership Database Management
Goal: Update and manage for accuracy the coalition’s comprehensive membership list
a) Comprehensively update the VHCC list based on the revised membership criteria and maintain it over the course of the year
b) Keep the list in a excel format (or other format approved by the co-chairs) to include all member organization names, contacts, and contact information (including address, phone, email) and provide the information to the co-chairs as needed

Please apply by sending a resume and a proposal by August 30, 2016 to:
VHCC Co-chairs
P.O. Box 989
Montpelier, VT 05601
Or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please include in your proposed fee all expenses, such as mileage, telephone, postage, stickers and supplies. The costs of the legislative breakfast and the annual meeting are in addition to this amount.


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