View of Camel's Hump from Andrews Forestland

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Create a Newbury Town Forest

The Town of Newbury has a one-time opportunity to acquire and establish a 635-acre Town Forest to include Tucker Mountain and Woodchuck Mountain.

Members of the Leach family, who have allowed access to Tucker Mountain for over four decades, are selling their forestland on both sides of Tucker Mountain Road. They have generously offered it to the Town at half of fair market value.
The citizens of Newbury have voted to accept the offer and create a new town forest.

Thanks to the generosity of several private foundations and Town Forest supporters, there is just $61,000 left to raise and the Town of Newbury will be able to acquire the land and create a town forest!


The Town Forest will offer:

  • Public access for recreational uses such as hiking, skiing, hunting, picnicking and snowmobiling.

  • Revenue generated from well-managed forestland from timber harvests and maple tapping.

  • Improved protection of wetlands and the West Branch of Halls Brook, ensuring clean water and healthy brook trout habitat.

  • Continued use for Newbury Elementary school outings and present new opportunities for ecological learning and natural resource management training.

  • A new protected habitat linkage between the Connecticut River Valley and more remote forested regions to the northwest.

  • A block of 1,200 acres of permanently conserved and geographically diverse land that will help wildlife and plants adapt to a changing climate.

  • Enjoyment of an incredible, well-loved place with a scenic open meadow at the top of Tucker Mountain and long-distance views in almost all directions.


How much will it cost?

The Leach family has generously offered to sell their land at substantially less than fair market value. As a result, the total amount needed to establish the Town Forest is $461,000 – including acquisition of the land and costs for appraisals, timber inventories, legal expenses, and stewardship. We have secured a total of $400,000, leaving just $61,000 left to raise.

Because of the ecological and recreational significance of this land, , most of the funds (86%) needed for the Town to own the land have already been raised. Many generous funders have made financial commitments including:

The Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, Open Space Institute Community Forest Fund, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Mitigation and Enhancement Fund, the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, the Davis Conservation Foundation, and the Vermont Land Trust’s forestland conservation fund.

In a town vote in November, the Town of Newbury committed $25,000 to acquiring the Town Forest.


We need your help to reach this goal!

The project budget includes $96,000 in private donations. With $35,000 in commitments from local supporters so far, we have just $61,000 left to raise.


  • Donate online and select ‘Newbury Town Forest’ from the drop-down menu
  • Send a check with ‘Newbury Town Forest’ in the memo line to Vermont Land Trust, 8 Bailey Avenue, Montpelier, VT 05602


Photo and slideshow by Tom Kidder




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