Three sisters—Cay Stratton, Cary Stratton Boyd, and Laura Stratton—conserved 956 acres of forestland in Newfane. They spent their childhood summers on the property and are continuing that tradition with their family. “In 1941, our parents bought a broken-down farmhouse and some land in South Newfane and over time made Toby Hill a beloved summer home for four generations of our family,” said Cary.

Such a large piece of uninterrupted private forestland is not common in southeastern Vermont. It provides essential habitat for many species and is located in an area considered a high priority for conservation by the state. The land is managed for timber and has diverse habitats including streams, swamps, marshes, peatlands, vernal pools, and rocky outcrops.

It was important to the sisters to continue their tradition of allowing recreational use on the land, so they included public access in the conservation easement. “Putting most of the property into the Vermont Land Trust ensures that these beautiful acres will be forever preserved for all to use and enjoy,” said Cary. “We know our parents would approve!”

 (June 2018)

Photo by David Middleton