Bill and Lissy Heminway recently purchased 130 mostly forested acres next to their home in Shoreham. The seller wanted to find a buyer who would protect the land, and Bill and Lissy were just those people. The Heminways immediately began working with VLT to make sure that its forestland, fields, streams, and wetlands would forever be protected. The land is locally known as The Pinnacle for being the highest point (640 feet) in low-lying Shoreham. There are sheer cliffs topped by cedar and pine trees, which are more often found along Lake Champlain’s shoreline than on inland locations. Just above these steep sections runs a band of dry, oak-dominated forest, also uncommon in Vermont. The lower elevations have streams and headwater wetlands of the Lemon Fair River. A small meadow in the center of the property has prime agricultural soils. The family uses the trails running through the forest for dogsledding.