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Farms for Sale (or Lease) through our Farmland Access Program

Aerial view of farmstead at Gleason's Grains

Bridport: The Gleasons are selling their farm, where they have produced organic grains since 1980. Learn more.


Williamstown: The owners of this 255-acre farm are seeking a buyer for the spring or summer of 2018. Learn more.


farm fields with forested hills in Woodstock

Woodstock: The owners of Meadow View Farm are looking for a farmer to lease their land through our Farmland Access program. Learn more.


Property for Sale with Proceeds Supporting Our Future Work


interior forest

Elmore: Protected by a Vermont Land Trust easement, this 1,943 acre-forest offers an exceptional long-term timber investment opportunity with high stocking of preferred hardwood species and a sugarbush opportunity containing an estimated 60,000 taps.

The forest is located along Route 12 between Montpelier and Morrisville in Elmore, Vermont.

The entire shoreline of the scenic and tranquil Little Elmore Pond lies within the property boundary. There is roughly 2,000’ of frontage along Route 12, with an existing access point suitable for crossing the North Branch of the Winooski River. An internal log road (constructed 22 years ago) extends nearly 2.3 miles along the eastern end of the property to Little Elmore Pond. Hardwoods at 90% and softwoods at 10% of total volume. A recent maple tap analysis indicates a potential tap count of 60,991, with roughly 64% of the taps from sugar maple with the balance from red maple. Price: $2,040,000. For more information, visit Fountains Land.


View of Hazen's Notch across wetland

Lowell: This 197-acre property is in the northern Vermont town of Lowell, between the Green Mountains and the Lowell Mountains. One of region’s landmarks is Hazen’s Notch, a mountain pass through the Green Mountains, set directly within view of the property. Tree species are dominated by softwood species (primarily red spruce and balsam fir), with hardwoods as a subcomponent consisting of the maples, birch, ash, beech and black cherry. The land will be sold subject to a conservation easement which will be held by the Vermont Land Trust. Most sustainable and traditional forestry/agricultural activities are permitted to support the long-term stewardship of the protected property. The conservation easement allows for the development of a house site and associated structures.$187,000. Contact Fountains Land to learn more.



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