Judith Parker’s land stretches from Route 66 to Water Street, parallel to East Bethel Road in the Randolph Center Historic District. Vermont Technical College uses this field of fine agricultural soil as pasture and cropland for their farm operation.

For some time, Judith had been pondering the future of her family’s property. One thing was certain: she did not want to see it subdivided or developed. Some of Judith’s fondest childhood memories are of summers visiting family in Vermont. In the 1960s her parents purchased a house in Randolph Center, with this farm field just behind it.

To keep her family’s land open and available for agriculture, she donated a conservation easement on the 14-acre field to Vermont Land Trust. “I want to protect the beauty and the farmland that give this village its identity,” Judith stated.

Funded in part by donations from community members, including Vermont Technical College.