When an eight-lot housing development was approved on farmland in the center of Weybridge, town residents grew concerned. When a solar installation was proposed on the same field a short while later, they decided to do something to keep the land in farming. So they rolled up their sleeves, worked closely with VLT, the town, and the land’s owner, Armond Brisson, who was looking to sell. After several years, the land was conserved and sold to Four Hills farm, a large dairy operation based in Bristol.

“I’m glad Four Hills could buy the land at an affordable price and I’m glad to see it stay in farming,” said Armond. Despite the fact that the neighbors had opposed his development plan, he added, “we found a way to work together and it all worked out.”

A local fundraising campaign and a contribution from the Town of Weybridge Conservation Fund were critical to the success of the project. “The fact the Selectboard authorized a contribution from Weybridge’s Conservation Fund and a number of Weybridge citizens dug deep to collectively contribute over $40,000 shows the importance of this project,” said Bill Roper, one of the campaign organizers. “We are absolutely thrilled to see this critical parcel conserved and are deeply thankful to VLT for helping us preserve our town’s character.”

Funded by VHCB (with matching funds from USDA-NRCS), Town of Weybridge, and local donors.