Brothers Jim and Bob Twitchell were born and raised on a farm that has been in their family for 160 years. With sweeping views of the Bromley and Stratton Mountains, the land could be desirable for houses. But that’s not what Jim and Bob wanted. Instead, they worked with VLT to donate a conservation easement on 186 acres of open and forested land.

“This farm and land have been the center of our entire lives,” said Bob Twitchell. “It is our hope that by removing the development options, … the land can stay intact for the enjoyment and use of future generations, for as long as water flows and green grass grows.”

The brothers are deeply connected to Londonderry, with Jim serving as town clerk for five decades and Bob serving on the Londonderry Conservation Commission for 20 years. They’ve managed their land for sugaring, timber, and firewood, while maintaining pasture for beef cattle. They keep wildlife in mind, too. They have promoted apple trees, which provide food for animals, and they delay mowing in a field used by bobolinks—grassland birds that have lost much of their habitat.

Supported by the Town of Londonderry Conservation Commission.