Caroline “Bill” Fritzinger, Weston VT

88 years ago I came to my Grandmother’s family farm in Weston, and I have been in love with it ever since. Fortunately I married a man who also cared about country life and in 1980 we moved here for good. [Noel] became interested in VLT and ultimately served as Chairman of its Board. Our 315 acres are conserved along with several other properties in Weston so we can rest in peace.

We have been members of the American Tree Farm System for over 50 years and our land is in Current Use. The land is not posted and I am glad we are no longer raising sheep. The land is a large forest tract on Terrible Mountain and very beautiful to enjoy. Our burial ground is there. I feel grateful to live here in peace. 

The cabin, “Solo” was built by Noel Fritzinger as a place to retreat in nature. It overlooks a brook that runs down Terrible Mountain. Below is a poem by Noel about this place.

A Presence, by Noel Fritz Fritzinger

My name is Noel Fritz Fritzinger but my alter ego is named Nick.
Nick is a presence within me, but not the only one I hear.
Once in a while I can hear a voice say, “That’s a good job you did,”
and that’s the presence of my father…

When I was first diagnosed in 1995, I built a hut in the woods.
I call it Solo. I thought it was the right time to pick up meditation.
I continue to do meditation off and on.
I haven’t tried to explain this to anyone.
I don’t believe in ghosts. It is not a doppelganger or an avatar.
The word presence is my own construction.
There is a presence in the woods that is more than sticks and stones.

Sometimes things fit together in a way you never would have predicted.