Vince Foy and Deb Yonker have farmed in the hills of Caledonia County for more than 30 years. Originally an organic dairy, today Lewis Creek Jerseys produces certified organic dry hay, haylage, and grass-fed Angus beef, as well as non-organic lamb and pork. They sell the meat under the ‘Badger Brook Meats’ label, named for the brook that runs through their land. They also raise and board replacement heifers for organic dairies in the area.

In the mid-’90s, Vince and Deb purchased and then conserved their 272-acre home farm on McDowell Road. The previous owners had kept a portion of the farm, which Vince and Deb cropped for over 30 years before having the opportunity to buy it in 2016. They conserved this 24-acre property in November. “2018 was the year that we were able to complete a conservation legacy that really started with the initial purchase of our North Danville farm,” explained Vince. “The farm is now back to its original whole, and to this day remains the only commercial agricultural property in Danville to be conserved. We hope to serve as inspiration to others in town to make a like commitment to an area that we hold so dear.” Vince and Deb generously sold the new easement at less than appraised value.

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