Brad and Gislaine Judd own a dairy near the northernmost exit of Interstate 91 in Vermont. Their 230-cow operation is split between two farm properties in the Town of Derby: their home farm on Herrick Road, which houses their dry cows and heifers, and a nearby farm on Holland Road, home to their milking herd. The Judds purchased the second property in 2015 and built a new freestall barn with two robotic milkers. Their son Logan—who works on the farm full time—now lives there with his wife, Brooke.

The Judds decided to conserve 153 acres of the Holland Road land. The proceeds from selling the conservation easement helped them invest in water-quality improvements and pay down some of the debt from buying the land. The land has 70 tillable acres and is home to Judd Dairy’s 130 milkers. About 65 acres of woodland, several forested wetlands, and a small tributary that flows north into the Tomifobia River in Canada were also protected under the easement. Funded by VHCB (with matching funds from USDA NRCS).