Following last year’s successful first hunting season on Bluffside Farm in Newport, the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) has decided to hold a lottery for hunting on the property again this year. The land trust plans to issue permission for deer hunting at Bluffside during two periods: October 21 to November 3, and November 11 to 26. The first period falls in the last two weeks of the archery season and all hunting rules apply. Although the second period coincides with the Vermont rifle season, no firearms are allowed and hunting will be archery only because of Newport City ordinance. Only legal bucks can be harvested. 

These dates are the only time during which hunting will be permitted. Any hunters on the property will need to carry written permission from the Vermont Land Trust, and can hunt only in the designated portions of the property away from neighboring houses. 

Bluffside Farm has become a popular area for walking and will continue to be open to pedestrians during hunting season. Everyone should be aware that hunters may be present at this time. We will post notices in the parking lot. As always, we encourage hunters and walkers to wear blaze orange outdoors during hunting season, no matter where they are.

If you know someone who might be interested in taking advantage of this hunting opportunity, please direct them to contact Dan Kilborn of VLT at (802) 745-6303 or An application will need to be sent to VLT by September 30th in order to be considered in the lottery. Applications can be downloaded at