Long-time VLT members Meg Handler and David Kaminsky donated a conservation easement on 121 acres of forestland in Underhill. They had recently bought the land with the intent of permanently conserving it. The property abuts Mount Mansfield State Forest—something that makes it especially valuable for wildlife and water quality. It’s also located near several other VLT-conserved properties.

Stream in the woods in Underhill, Vermont

“I think preserving open land, whether forest land or agricultural, is the most fundamental way to support the natural world,” explained Meg. “I strongly support VLT’s efforts to preserve forested land and to prevent development from impacting water quality in streams, rivers, and lakes.”

Spring flower in Underhill woods protected by Meg Handler and David Kaminsky

A beautiful stretch of Waugh Brook crosses the land and a tributary of the brook flows over boulders, large cobbles, and organic woody material, creating steps, pools, and small waterfalls. Large stands of beech and other nut and seed-producing trees are visited by black bears and other animals. And old stone walls silently tell tales of past land use.


Photo of Meg Handler by Caleb Kenna