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Join the global movement of generosity this holiday season by supporting a cause you stand by: healthy farms and forests. Vermont Land Trust (VLT) has protected 11 percent of the state from development in its 42-year history, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

VLT protects wildlife.

Okemo Wildlife Corridor.

Okemo Wildlife Corridor.

Our conservation efforts aim to protect large blocks of forests, which create safe havens for animals to migrate, feed, and mate. This year, we are working alongside Mount Holly Conservation Trust and the state to protect a 100-mile wildlife corridor that connects the southern Green Mountain National Forest and Okemo State Forest. The result would be an extra 346 acres of safe habitat—where cars, pets, and other human disturbances are non-threatening.

VLT helps new businesses take hold.

Shannon Varley at Strafford Village Farm.

Shannon Varley at Strafford Village Farm. Photo by Caleb Kenna

Not only do we focus on protecting forests, but we also support the Vermont tradition of fresh, local food by conserving farmland. Our Farmland Access Program helps farmers buy property at an affordable price. This not only helps their businesses, but also is often a multi-generational endeavor that keeps on giving. This year, we celebrated our 100th farmland access project!

VLT keeps your favorite trails open for recreation.

Mountain biking, fishing, hiking.

Clockwise from left: 1) mountain biking at Craftsbury Outdoor Center; Photo by Caitlin Patterson. 2) fishing at Molly’s Pond; Photo by Caleb Kenna. 3) hiking on Jerry Lund Mountain; Photo by Paul Richardson.

Do you love hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and outdoor recreation? We’ve protected Bolton Valley, Kingdom Trails, Putney Mountain, Wollomsac Headwaters Park, and Preston Pond… just to name a few. We’ve conserved 28 town forests across the state—keeping them off limits for development and open for fun! Check our recreation map for a full list.

VLT supports clean water.

River with clouds, trees in reflection

Maidstone. Photo by Caleb Kenna.

We’ve protected 287 miles of shoreline around ponds, lakes, and rivers in Vermont. Additionally, we’ve protected 1,698 acres of wetland, or areas surrounding water bodies where the land is wet (like bogs and marshes). These areas provide wildlife habitat, mitigate flooding, and purify water. 

VLT supports the local food movement.

Clarke Estate with local food market.

Feast & Field Market. Photo by Caleb Kenna.

Through farmland conservation and our Farmland Access Program, we ensure Vermont’s farming future. Luckily, that aligns with Vermonters’ grocery habits. Vermont residents buy locally grown food more than residents of any U.S. state. Additionally, Vermont ranks for its farm infrastructure—including ease of buying directly from small and midsize farms through farmers’ markets, food hubs, and healthier food retailers.

VLT is part of your community.

Watering plants at Burlington College.

Burlington City Park. Photo by: A. Blake Gardner

From the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market and Pine Island Farm to Tribal Forest and Burlington City Park, we’ve partnered with local and state municipalities, land owners, and other nonprofit organizations to protect land and fill community needs. We love this state as much as you do and want to see it thrive! 

We’re so grateful for your support! Please visit our donate page to help us do more!



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