Charlotte Reed, Dawn Hall, and Matt and Barb Paggi enjoy recreating and working in the woods. The friends, who met while working at IBM, formed a partnership to invest in timberland and develop a value-added maple business. This winter, Barred Woods, LLC, conserved 858 acres of forestland in Belvidere.

“This is a very special parcel,” said Matt Paggi, “and we want to ensure it remains intact for future generations. We love the diversity of the habitat. It has over 2000’ of elevation gain and includes everything from overgrown farmland to a sugarbush to high-elevation spruce-fir forest.”

The partnership owns about 1,400 acres, which they manage for maple and timber. “We’ve seen a growing demand for our maple products,” Matt explained, “as consumers are becoming more aware of the health and environmental benefits of using maple syrup as a sweetener… This parcel will allow us to grow our maple operation while at the same time preserving an ecologically important forest.”

The property is near an internationally significant wildlife corridor that links the Northern Green Mountains with the Appalachians in Quebec. Conserving this land is an important step forward in protecting the safe movement of animals through the area.

In addition, the land will be open to the public for hiking, hunting, backcountry skiing, and other pedestrian recreation.

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