Justin Rich and Lindsay Lyman-Clarke grow a variety of organic vegetables in Huntington. Burnt Rock Farm specializes in winter storage crops and summer greenhouse produce. The business has grown substantially since they started from scratch a decade ago—they have 10 employees during the busy harvest season, and two people working full time through winter.

To keep growing, Justin and Lindsay needed more land. But affordable, good farmland is hard to find in Huntington. So they jumped at the chance to buy 18 acres with excellent farm soils less than two miles from their home farm. They then conserved the land with VLT.

“Buying and conserving this valuable farmland gives us more options for crop rotations and it allows us to manage our land better,” said Justin. “Although it’s a small parcel, it is prime soil, and even smaller plots of premium quality soils are very useful when growing specialty crops like vegetables.”

They sell their produce wholesale to local and regional markets. They also offer a CSA in Huntington and through the Muddy Boots three-farm collaborative CSA, which brings together two other Vermont farms that own VLT-conserved land—Kingsbury Market Garden in Warren and Wood’s Market Garden in Brandon.

Burnt Rock’s new property lies along a third of a mile of the Huntington River. Land 50 feet from the bank of the river will be kept wooded to reduce erosion and the impact of floodwaters downstream, and to improve habitat and promote clean water.


Photo courtesy of Burnt Rock Farm. Funded by VHCB (with matching funds from USDA-NRCS) and the Town of Huntington.