Traci and Scott Cleveland are part of the vibrant Mettowee Valley dairy community. They have expanded their business over the years, purchasing their first farm in Pawlet in 1994 and conserving it with VLT in 2007. In 2010, the couple purchased land from Scott’s uncle next door. Funding for a conservation easement sale helped finance the purchase, which allowed the family to triple the land they owned.

This year, Scott and Traci have once again added to their farm—this time with 100 acres they bought from their friend and forester Alan Calfee. This property is in a strategic location, very close to their barns and manure storage tank. The farm soils are excellent and there is a steep stretch of forest with mature sugar maples. As with their other land, Scott and Traci worked with VLT to conserve this property, which will keep it available for farming for generations to come.

The land also has two important natural features: a section of rare cliff habitat along a ridge that borders the North Pawlet Hills Natural Area (owned by The Nature Conservancy) and a 24-acre wetland. Beaver and herons use the wetland for breeding, and its streams feed into the Mettowee River and eventually Lake Champlain.

Funded by VHCB, the Castanea Foundation, the Lookout Foundation, other foundations, and a Regional Conservation Partnership Program grant awarded to the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation by the USDA NRCS. (May 2017)