View of Bluffside Farm in Newport

Newport’s Bluffside Farm

With support from the Newport community, the Vermont Land Trust purchased the 129-acre Bluffside Farm in December 2015. The farm is located in an area known as Indian Point and The Bluffs that you can see when looking at Lake Memphremagog from downtown.

The farm was once a dairy farm owned by the Scott family for five generations. There are 64 tillable acres and pasture, a nine-acre sugarbush with 1,000 taps, and a small sugarhouse. Barns and other buildings are in good condition.

Besides being good farmland, this scenic property has significant value for recreation and water quality. It is located near the Beebe Spur Rail Trail, Prouty Beach, North Country Union High School and North Country Hospital. 

There is just under a mile of frontage on Lake Memphremagog—all of it wooded, except for a natural sandy beach area. Over half of the frontage is on the Scott’s Cove portion of the lake, directly across from Prouty Beach recreation area and campground.


The property had not been open to public access in recent memory, but is open for recreation under our ownership. If you are planning to visit, please see our public access guidelines and be respectful of all signs on the property.

Planning for the Future

We intend to own Bluffside Farm only temporarily. We put out a call for Request for Concepts from those interested in buying the farm.

It’s our hope that the future plans for the land will meet the needs expressed by Newport residents during public meetings and tours. These included a working farm, community activities, recreation, and protecting natural areas. We learned of the public’s wishes during five tours of the property. The tours were held in January, April, and August 2016 and attended by more than 100 people. We also held three public meetings (held in March, April, and May). Notes and presentations from these meetings, along with answers to common questions, can be found in the “Related Links” section.

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