Barred Woods, LLC, a partnership of Vermont-based friends who share a commitment to sound forest stewardship and public access, purchased 450 acres in Belvidere from VLT and The Nature Conservancy. The two conservation organizations had owned and sustainably managed the land since the late ’90s as the Atlas Timberlands Partnership. At the time of the sale, a conservation easement was placed on that land, ensuring continued sustainable practices and pedestrian recreational access.

“We are honored at the opportunity to own this very special piece of land,” said  Matt Paggi, a co-owner of Barred Woods. “It has been under exceptional forest stewardship as part of Atlas Timberland Partnership for over 20 years and this purchase will allow us to expand our maple products business.”  

The property is part of a much larger block of land that is identified as a high priority for conservation because of its forest resources and critical wildlife habitat. It’s located on the western slopes of the Cold Hollow Mountains along Route 118, about a mile north of Belvidere Center. The land reaches an elevation of 2,400 feet and is a popular spot for hunting and fishing. There are several streams in addition to a large beaver-influenced wetland on the land that provide diverse ecosystems and habitat for plants.

Proceeds from the sale of this land will be used to support additional forest conservation. “We are losing forested land in Vermont for the first time in a century,” said VLT’s Carl Powden. “There is an urgency to conserve large forests that support wildlife and the forest products industry.”

stream running through hemlocks