What a year it’s been!

Almost 10,000 acres protected—4,400 of these were protected by farmers. And, 4,900 acres of woodland were newly protected! This includes 3 town forests, 1 wildlife management area, properties with local trails and/or river access, and 3 forested properties open to pedestrian recreation. 

A big Thank You to all our members and supporters, for your commitment to protecting land for the future of Vermont. Here’s a glimpse of what your support made possible this year.

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Photo credits: Tom Slayton (Highgate), Tanya Tolchin (West Haven), Wayne Fawbush (Elmore and Worcester), Paul E. Richardson (Williamstown), Amber Haller (Westford), John Nininger (Newbury), Kyle Gray (Calais), Broudy/Donohue Photography (Richmond), David Middleton (Newfane), Caleb Kenna (Newport and Hardwick), and David Nevala, courtesy of Organic Valley (Hinesburg).