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Membership Spotlight: Megan Brakeley

Megan Brakeley


A graduate of Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Science, Megan Brakeley and her family live on the banks of Otter Creek in Middlebury. Only 50 feet from the water's edge, she knows that floodplain management upstream will keep her family's 209-year-old house safe from flooding.

Megan studied fluvial geomorphology and water resource management and says, "I can't help but be thankful that groups like VLT are in place to bring all these pieces--sustainable working land use, conservation, and a healthy respect for the power of rivers--together. Supporting VLT is the best flood insurance we can purchase." Thank you, Megan, for your commitment to conservation!

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Many of our members prefer contributing stock, rather than writing a check, to fulfill their annual gift. By giving appreciated property (for example, stocks or bonds) you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciation, receive a tax deduction on the full value of the gift, and support the Vermont Land Trust at a lower cost to you.

Donations of stock can also be used to endow an annual gift or establish a planned gift, such as a charitable gift annuity.

For more information about gifts of stock or other appreciated property, or to discuss planned giving opportunities, call Jane Coffey at (802) 262-1204.

How to Transfer Stock to the Vermont Land Trust

To make a gift, please notify your broker in writing that you are making a charitable gift of stock to the Vermont Land Trust.

Please call us or have your broker contact Jane Coffey to notify VLT of the transfer. This is important because your name will not be included in the wire transfer to our broker.

Jane Coffey
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E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Transfer instructions for your broker:

VLT's brokerage account is with Scottrade. These are the pertinent transfer details:

FAO Vermont Land Trust
ACCOUNT # 82081071
DTC # 0705

The Scottrade office in Burlington, VT:

Branch Manager:
Andrea Chamberlain


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