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DarbyA campaign to support Darby Bradley’s legacy

In May 2013, after 35 years of protecting Vermont's unique landscape and heritage, Darby Bradley retired from the Vermont Land Trust (VLT). During his tenure, VLT protected more than 525,000 acres and now holds more than 1,700 easements under stewardship.

Darby has widely shared his depth of understanding about the benefits of conservation well beyond Vermont's borders. He is a national leader in the conservation field. Yet Vermont is where Darby calls home and this and future generations are lucky that he landed here.

Please Join Us

Please join VLT's Board of Trustees and Staff in celebrating Darby's career by becoming a donor to the funds named in his honor.

By making a gift to the campaign you are supporting the values that define Darby Bradley's approach to conservation, and are a part of the foundation for VLT's current and future work.

A meaningful way to give The Darby Bradley Opportunities Fund

This fund will allow VLT to act on opportunities that build on the foundation of Darby's conservation career. The primary focuses of this fund are:

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  • Making conservation affordable: to allow a broad spectrum of Vermonters to participate in protecting our natural legacy through easement donations by reducing the high financial barriers.
  • Working forests: to help build and maintain an active and responsive forest program, especially in the face of climate change.
  • Conservation and Community: to stimulate and support conservation in service to Vermont communities.

How to Give to the Darby Bradley Opportunities Fund

You can donate to this fund online. When filling out your information, please specify that you would like your gift to go to the Darby Campaign.

You may also make a gift by phone, by calling (802) 262-1204. Or if you prefer, mail a check with "Darby Campaign" written in the memo line to :

Vermont Land Trust
8 Bailey Ave.
Montpelier, VT 05603

Thank you!

Another Way to Give: A Planned Gift to the The Darby Bradley Legacy Fund

Planned gifts are critical to VLT's success. They enable us to take on projects and initiatives that would be impossible otherwise. Planned gifts represent a commitment by donors to support land conservation beyond their own lifetime. The use of the proceeds of planned gifts is directed by VLT's Board of Trustees. These uses include a stewardship endowment, an operating endowment, a conservation stimulus fund, and our revolving fund for land acquisition.

If you are interested in making a planned gift to the Darby Bradley Legacy Fund or learning more, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our Director of Donor Relations, at (802) 262-1229.

Values that matter: Darby's Legacy for Vermont

"Conservation easements are expensive, there's no getting around that, and not everyone can afford the real cost of protecting their land, no matter how much they love it.

Somehow, time and again, Darby has found a way to help landowners in this predicament.

Enabling a broad spectrum of Vermonters to work together to keep farms functioning and forests intact seems to be what inspires him. And it's this inclusive vision that has helped make VLT so successful and respected throughout the state."

– Ginny Barlow, former VLT Board Member and owner of conserved land in Corinth

Conservation supports the human connection to the land and landscape. Darby cares deeply about the protection of not only the land itself, but also the livelihoods of those who make their living from the land. Darby also sees the critical importance for all people to have experiences that keep us connected directly to the landscape.

Conservation can bring diverse groups of individuals together for a common purpose — to protect and connect to the places that they care about. Darby knows that conservation can be a triumph for engagement, commitment to place, and compromise. It is a tool used to meet a community's objectives for maintaining its character and imagining an optimistic future.

When we act on an opportunity, we can protect and steward not only the land, but also Vermont's economy, culture, and heritage. In Darby's tenure at VLT there were times when the organization had to act quickly and to take a risk in order to protect an important parcel of land. Darby guided VLT with a steady hand and clarity of purpose. Darby knew that when an opportunity comes along and it is not taken, it may never come again.

Conservation makes the most sense, and is most effective, in the community context.Darby believes that we must protect our landscape, individually and collectively. When there are difficult decisions to make he encourages us to ask ourselves, "will the result strengthen or weaken the Vermont community?"

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