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Property for Sale through our Farmland Access Program


Norris farmsteadMonkton: The 108-acre Norris Berry Farm is for sale. Many perennials are already planted on the land; equipment is also for sale separately. Learn more.







Lake Seymour farm croplandMorgan: The 571-acre Lake Seymour Farm is for sale in three separate parcels, which can be purchased separately or together. Learn more.







Pawlet farmstead

Pawlet: This 168-acre farm along Route 133 will be conserved as it is sold to a new farmer who will keep the land in agricultural production. Learn more.









Property for Sale with Proceeds Supporting Our Future Work

forest interior Elmore: Protected by a Vermont Land Trust easement, this 1,943 acre-forest offers an exceptional long-term timber investment opportunity with high stocking of preferred hardwood species and a sugarbush opportunity containing an estimated 60,000 taps. The forest is located along Route 12 between Montpelier and Morrisville in Elmore, Vermont. The entire shoreline of the scenic and tranquil Little Elmore Pond lies within the property boundary. The property has roughly 2,000’ of frontage along Route 12, with an existing access point suitable for crossing the North Branch of the Winooski River. An internal log road (constructed 22 years ago) extends nearly 2.3 miles along the eastern end of the property to Little Elmore Pond. A species composition dominated by hardwoods prevails, with hardwoods at 90% and softwoods at 10% of total volume. A recent maple tap analysis indicates a total maple potential tap count of 60,991 taps, with roughly 64% of the taps from sugar maple with the balance from red maple. Price: $2,040,000. For more information, visit Fountains.



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