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altMost of the land we’ve protected is owned by private landowners; however, there are properties which VLT owns, some on a temporary basis and others long-term.

Land held on a temporary basis is often the result of a generous supporter who has donated a property to us. In most of these situations, we will conserve the land, sell it, and then use the proceeds to conserve other land. On occasion, we will also hold land as part of our Farmland Access Program, which makes farmland affordable to new farmers.

When we are presented with a long-term ownership opportunity, we carefully consider the land’s natural resource values, the potential for stewardship and education programs, and the financial requirements of ownership.

The properties we decide to own on a long-term basis are special places that showcase our conservation work and provide value to the public. Collectively, this land contains diverse natural resources and habitats, provides opportunities for demonstrating “state of the art” land management techniques, contributes to the working land economy, and offers access for public recreation and educational opportunities.

Two Examples of Land We Own Long-term

The Atlas Timberlands, located primarily in the northern Green Mountains, and the Brewster Uplands Conservation Trust property in Cambridge are two wonderful examples of properties we own. Both of these properties have exceptional conservation value and provide opportunities for us to demonstrate our land conservation mission and work.

logs in winter

Atlas Timberlands

In 1997, the Vermont Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy created the Atlas Timberlands Partnership to purchase and manage more than 26,000 acres of forestland. It is now the second largest timberland holding in Vermont. The two organizations are working to sustainably manage timber stock while protecting the land's ecological integrity. Public access is encouraged on all Atlas lands, where logging roads provide access for skiing, dog sledding, hiking, hunting, walking, and wildlife viewing. To learn more and download maps, visit our Atlas Timberlands page.

altBrewster Uplands Conservation Trust, Cambridge

Visitors to our Brewster Uplands Conservation Trust property can experience its beauty and natural diversity by strolling the extensive system of trails.  We also use the property to host educational workshops on land management topics at the site. And, our stewardship staff continues to use the land to demonstrate forestry and wildlife habitat management practices. Directions.

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