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Current Use Changes 2015

The Use Value Appraisal (Current Use) Program has been updated by the 2015 Vermont legislature. See the full changes here.



Articles from our Landowner Newsletter

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A River (or Creek) Runs Through It: Conservation to Improve Water Quality. Read more.

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Sandy Witherell and Pieter van Loon

Kent Family Farm: One Familly's Experience with Timber Harvesting. Read more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Working with the Vermont Land Trust

What happens after you sign a conservation easement? These and other questions are addressed in our Stewardship FAQs. If you don't find the answer to your question, contact your Regional Stewardship Manager.


When Should I Call VLT?

A variety of activities on your land require VLT consultation and approval ahead of time. Download this guide to know when you should call your stewardship manager.


Stewardship Staff Information

Get to know your local stewardship staff person. This page contains bios and contact info. If you are unsure who to call, call our headquarters at (802) 223-5234.


Managing and Harvesting Woodland Conserved with the Vermont Land Trust (PDF)

This guide offers technical help to the professional who is preparing a forest management plan for an owner of land conserved with the Vermont Land Trust.

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