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Hunting on Bluffside Farm

Limited bow hunting with written permission. Read more.


Recreation on Bluffside Farm

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Questions and Answers about Bluffside Farm

A quick Resource Summary of the historical, cultural, farming, and community aspects of the land.

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April Meeting Presentation

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bluffside farmstead

In response to support from the Newport community, the Vermont Land Trust purchased the 129-acre Bluffside Farm on December 22, 2015. The farm is located in an area of Newport called both Indian Point and The Bluffs. It’s highly visible when looking at Lake Memphremagog from downtown.

VLT will own the farm temporarily while we seek Requests for Concepts from those interested in purchasing the property to meet the needs expressed by Newport residents during public meetings and tours (including a working farm, community activities, recreation, and protecting natural areas).

In addition to its value as a farm, this scenic property has significant value for recreation and water quality. It is located near the Beebe Spur Rail Trail, Prouty Beach, North Country Union High School and North Country Hospital.

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The land has just under a mile of frontage on Lake Memphremagog—all of it wooded, except for the natural sandy beach area. Over half of the frontage is on the Scott’s Cove portion of the lake, directly across from Newport’s Prouty Beach recreation area and campground.

A former dairy, Bluffside Farm was owned by the Scott family for five generations. The property has 64 acres of tillable land and pasture along with a nine-acre sugarbush that has 1,000 taps and a small sugarhouse. The farm’s infrastructure, such the barns and other buildings, are in good condition. The property has not been open to public access in recent memory. The woodland is enrolled in Current Use and includes significant areas of mature Red Oak, an uncommon tree species this far north.

Public Input

The public was invited to five tours of the property on January 9 and 19, April 21 and 25, and August 11, 2016--more than 100 people attended. We also held three public meetings to learn what the community would like to see happen with the land in March, April, and May (notes from the meetings available in the righthand sidebar). Based on input, VLT is now seeking Requests for Concepts from those interested in purchasing the property to start a working farm, offer recreation on the land, and protect natural areas.

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