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In 2014, the Vermont Land Trust’s Board of Trustees updated the organization’s central outcomes and purposes that define the long-term impact that the Vermont Land Trust seeks to have on the world.

These principles offer an enduring vision that guides us when we choose initiatives and weigh investments of resources in our effort to best serve current and future residents and visitors to Vermont.


Vermont Land Trust exists so that current and future generations are deeply connected to the land and benefit from its deliberate protection and responsible stewardship. Specifically,

  1. Working farms, forests, community lands, and associated natural systems are conserved, and contribute to the cultural, economic, and ecological vitality of local communities.
  2. Land is accessible to the public, and working landscapes are affordable and available.
  3. Land conservation and stewardship manifest an understanding of the changing nature of environmental, economic, and societal conditions.
  4. Land stewardship reflects responsible and balanced care for the ecological integrity, cultural heritage, and economic productivity of conserved properties.


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